I was harassed by a very famous director: Nadia Jamil 


As #MeToo cases rock the world, it will surprise no one to learn that the Pakistani showbiz industry is also rife with allegations of abuse. In a recent interview with Iffar Omar, beloved television actor and activist Nadia Jamil dropped a bombshell by revealing she had been harassed by a high-profile individual – albeit without naming him. 

“I was harassed in the industry by a very famous director,” stated the Damsa actor. 

Having suffered through abuse, Nadia added that she had resolved to distance herself from anything that had the potential to destroy her from within, even if it meant turning down high-profile work. Proving her stance, Nadia pointed towards a recent project that was recommended by Naumaan Ijaz. The moment Nadia learned the man who had harassed her would also be involved, she stepped away with immediate effect. 

“I just said no,” said Nadia. “It’s not worth it putting myself in any position where there are toxic people around me. I just stay away from it.”

Nadia added that she regrets not publicly shaming her abuser at the time. “I wonder how many other girls had to suffer because I said nothing,” she mused. 

However, Nadia’s reasons for remaining quiet are solid. “I’m waiting for my sons to grow up,” she maintained. “Right now they are too hot-headed. I’m waiting for them to be more calm and mature so they won’t go and tear him to pieces.” 

A sombre expression stole upon Nadia’s face as she recalled her trauma. “He’s a pretty sleazy chap,” she concluded.

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