7 Must-Try Mumbai Restaurants for Rainy Day Delights


As the monsoon season sets in, Mumbai’s vibrant culinary scene offers the perfect refuge from the rains. Discover an array of restaurants, each bringing its unique flair to monsoon dining. From innovative Asian fusions and luxurious Pan-Asian delicacies to comforting vegetarian dishes and exciting global flavors, these eateries promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Whether you’re seeking cozy comfort or exotic adventures, this listicle highlights the best spots to savor the season’s delights.

Megumi, Bandra

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Mumbai, Megumi emerges as Bandra’s latest culinary gem, offering a tantalizing journey through the diverse flavours of Asia. Step into Megumi and be enveloped in an ambiance of sophistication and warmth meticulously crafted by acclaimed interior designer, Minal Chopra. At Megumi, the culinary journey transcends borders with Nikkei cuisine, a harmonious fusion of Japanese and Peruvian traditions. Guests can indulge in an array of innovative dishes, from fresh Sashimi & Carpaccio to delicate Yakitori meats & robata-grilled fine fish, ensuring a dining experience like no other. Complementing the culinary delights are Megumi’s signature cocktails, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi, along with an ‘Indie-Asian’ selection featuring flavours from the Seven Sisters region.

Torii by Gauri Khan, Khar

With the monsoon showers beginning in Mumbai, Torii by Gauri Khan, a luxe Japanese and Pan-Asian Restaurant beckons you to indulge in the season’s most exquisite delights. Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of the rains while relishing Torii’s exclusive Monsoon Menu.

Torii’s monsoon menu embodies the season’s essence with standout dishes. The opulent décor of Torii creates an ideal setting to relax and enjoy the monsoon season. Whether you’re seeking refuge from the rain with a steaming bowl of soup or savoring delectable appetizers, Toriii offers an unmatched dining experience. This monsoon, let Torii be your sanctuary of warmth and gastronomic adventures.

Nadara, Goregaon

While chai and pakoras traditionally set the mood during the rainy season, Nadara offers an innovative twist on monsoon delights that capture the same monsoon vibes. At Nadara, indulge in dishes that bring out the essence of rainy-day pleasures but with a unique twist. From mouth-watering snacks that rival pakoras to aromatic beverages that echo the warmth of chai, each bite and sip at Nadara promises to take you to a cozy haven, where the joy of monsoon season meets culinary excellence. Discover a new way to celebrate the rains at Nadara, where every dish is crafted to celebrate the spirit of the season in a delicious style.

Epitome, Lower Parel

Epitome, Lower Parel’s cherished pure-veg multi-cuisine restaurant, is inviting you to savor the season with these best culinary dishes brimming with comforting and flavorful vegetarian dishes. Embrace the cozy monsoon vibes by indulging in a vibrant selection of delights. From warm, aromatic curries and simmered stews that will chase away the chill, to comforting soups and crispy fritters perfect for a rainy day snack.

The Little Easy

The Little Easy in Andheri is a vibrant cocktail bar and cafe, drawing inspiration from the American Prohibition Era. Enter and find yourself transported to the glamorous 1920s, reimagined with a modern flair. Indulge in our enticing menu featuring cream cheese and edamame, flavorful chicken ragu lasagne, tantalizing burrata chili mango, luxurious truffle ricotta cannelloni, and a delightful olive and burrata pizza. By nightfall, it transforms into a dynamic cocktail bar, promising an evening of unforgettable dining experiences.

Luuma House

In the heart of Juhu’s bustling streets, Luuma House stands out as a trendy and exciting addition to Mumbai’s dynamic restaurant scene. From the moment you enter, Luuma House stuns with its modern design. Their menu is a celebration of global flavors, offering a wide variety of dishes to tantalize your taste buds. And for those who enjoy a great drink, Luuma House boasts skilled bartenders who can create the perfect cocktail to complement your meal. Not just the drinks but their food perfectly goes well with gloomy weather.

ilili, Dadar

ilili, a multi cuisine restaurant nested in the hearts of Dadar, is a beacon of cultural exploration and culinary excellence. ilili takes traditional Middle Eastern flavors and gives them a modern twist, offering a truly immersive dining experience. Led by Ramee Hospitality, ilili caters to both food enthusiasts and those seeking a trendy rooftop hangout. Their menu is a delicious blend of culinary expertise and cultural exploration, making every meal a journey through the rich traditions of the Middle East.


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