Pakistani singer Aima Baig alerts fans of fake Snapchat account


Pakistani singer Aima Baig has issued a warning to her fans about a fake Snapchat account operating under her name. Baig took to her official Instagram handle to share a screenshot of the fraudulent account, expressing astonishment that people could mistake the unverified account for hers.

In her Instagram story, Baig stated that she finds Snapchat to be an inappropriate app and confirmed she does not have an account on the platform. She assured her followers that she has no plans to create a Snapchat account in the future.


Baig expressed disbelief that people trust unverified accounts to the extent of making purchases through them. She urged her fans to remember her Instagram stories and avoid being deceived by the fake Snapchat account.

The singer highlighted that fraud has occurred through the impersonating account but did not provide further details about the incidents.

Aima Baig’s warning serves as a reminder for her followers to remain cautious and verify the authenticity of social media accounts to avoid falling victim to scams.



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