Man disinvites sister from his wedding after she ruins his proposal


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Louise Thomas

A man revealed he disinvited his sister from his wedding after she ruined the romantic proposal he planned.

Wondering if he made the right decision, the husband-to-be detailed the situation in Reddit’s popular confession forum, Am I The A**hole, asking anonymous readers if they thought he was in the wrong. The 29-year-old Reddit writer started by explaining he had come up with the perfect engagement for his 28-year-old girlfriend at the spot where they had their first date.

However, the sentimental rendez-vous on a “secluded beach” didn’t go to plan thanks to his sister.

“I had everything ready: flowers, a small picnic, and a photographer hiding nearby to capture the moment,” he admitted. “When the day came, my sister (32F) insisted on tagging along. She said she wanted to take a few ‘candid’ photos of us before the proposal.”

Hoping she would be more of a help than a distraction, the Redditor agreed but soon regretted his decision. On the day of his proposal, his sister started acting controlling, trying to direct the engagement.

“My girlfriend could sense something was off, and the mood was getting ruined,” the Reddit user explained. To make matters worse, his sister snatched the ring box out of his pants pocket, yelling, “Surprise! Look what he’s going to do!”

“I managed to salvage the proposal somewhat, but the moment was tainted,” the original poster confessed. Thankfully, his girlfriend said, “Yes,” but the newly engaged couple agreed the proposal was “ruined.”

When he confronted his sister, she seemed to find the situation amusing. “She just laughed it off, saying she was ‘just trying to help’ and that I was overreacting,” the Reddit user noted.

In a follow-up message, the groom said her sister had always exampled “attention-seeking behavior” and she and him have fought before. Because of this and the proposal incident, he and his fiancée decided not to invite his sister to their wedding.

“We wanted our day to be about us, without any unnecessary drama,” the Redditor wrote. “When my family found out, they were furious. My parents called me heartless, and my sister is playing the victim, saying I’m tearing the family apart over a ‘little joke.’”

Now, the Reddit user is feeling conflicted about the decision. Yet, readers showed an overwhelming amount of support, admitting his sister didn’t deserve to be included in the big day.

“Your sister is beyond out of line. I’m so sorry you have to deal with her nonsense,” one Reddit reader commented, while another said: “Your sister sounds like an attention-seeking narcissist. You and your fiancée need to present a united front and make it clear that your sister will not be invited.”

“It wasn’t a joke and I’d tell everyone pressuring you they’re just making it worse,” a third agreed.

One blunt person wrote: “You might want to consider eloping and only having friends at your wedding. Your family will ruin it for you to make it ‘fair’ to your sister.”


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