Javeria Abbasi reveals untold story behind her second marriage


In an exclusive interview with a private TV channel,

Veteran actress Javeria Abbasi revealed that she has been married for three months and is now enjoying a peaceful life with her husband. Her husband is a businessman with no connections to the showbiz industry.

Earlier in May, the star of ‘Babban Khala ki Betiyan,’ announced the dawn of a new chapter in her life. The slideshow showcased a collection of images set against the picturesque backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, focusing solely on the exquisite ring adorning her finger, while the popular track ‘Alag Aasmaan’ by Indian singer Anuv Jain played in the background. Sharing the clip on her feed, Abbasi captioned it with a simple caption “Beginning,” accompanied by a blue heart emoji.

Javeria disclosed that her decision to remarry was wholeheartedly supported by her daughter, Anzela Abbasi. In fact, Anzela, along with close family and friends, encouraged her to take the decision. Javeria drew inspiration from iconic actresses Bushra Ansari and Samina Ahmed, who found love later in life. She recounted heartfelt conversations with Bushra Ansari, who advised her to embrace happiness and remarry soon.

Javeria reflected on how her mother’s illness and subsequent passing left her with little time for herself. After Anzela’s wedding and the loss of her mother, Javeria felt a profound loneliness that led her to consider a new chapter in life.

Javeria’s first marriage was to actor Shamoon Abbasi in 1997, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Anzela, a year later. However, their union ended in divorce in 2009. Since then, Anzela lived with her mother, and in 2023, Javeria proudly watched her daughter walk down the aisle.


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