Best Wheat Beers to Complement Your Monsoon Evenings


Here are the best wheat beers available in the market.

Here are the best wheat beers available in the market.

Wheat beer refreshes you while being easy on the tummy, for the yeast is top fermented here

The overcast sky has set the mood for the impending monsoon season. For rain lovers, it is the perfect time to enjoy the weather and chill with their favourite beer. Even as there is a plethora of beers to choose from, this time around stock your bar with wheat beer as they go perfectly with the season and team it up with fried fritters that are so loved during this time of the year.

For the unversed, the wheat beer refreshes you while being easy on the tummy, for the yeast is top fermented here. Talking about looks, it is unfiltered, cloudy and light in color, apt to go with breezy monsoon evenings. Here are the best wheat beers available in the market.

  1. Six Fields BlancheThis beer is a premium Belgium style wheat beer that is blanched. It is named so after the six ingredients- wheat, oats, coriander seed, malted barley, orange peels that lend it bitter yet enticing taste. The drink is light in color, smooth textured and spiced with orange and coriander that lend it the delicious taste, ultimately providing a refreshed experience. It has an ABV of 4.5%. With a signature citrusy taste, this beer by DeVANS has an unmatchable aroma, with a different yet appealing texture.
  2. Hopper Wit BierThis wheat beer with a perfect number of bubbles has a hazy golden orange tone and has an ABV of 5%. It is made of pale malts and wheat grains, while hints of biscuit, cracker, yeast add to the refreshing taste of the beer. The coriander adds spice to the drink while the bright and crisp drink also gets an aroma from it. Apart from it, the grassy hops and herbs make this light wheat beer what it is, very different from others. The tangerine, lemon zest and orange peels lend it hints of citrus and also give it a tangy flavour, making it an amazing drink.
  3. Bira 91 WhiteWith an ABV content of 4.9%, this light and breezy beer is sure to add to days where the sky is overcast with grey clouds. With citrus and coriander as the ingredients leading to high aromas, the beer is a crowd pleaser as it has low bitterness. Perfect for the rainy evenings, this medium golden hued beer has hints of coriander along with orange and is an absolute delight for beer guzzlers.
  4. White RhinoWhile others boast of ingredients that lend to the aroma of beers, White Rhino uses Curacao orange peel along with organic coriander that has been picked from the Majestic Himalayas, home to many herbs. With enhanced flavours, this beer is brewed with Indian wheat. Its brewery is often referred to as the one producing the first craft beer in India and is on the outskirts of Gwalior.
  5. Simba WhitWith a fruity and citrusy aftertaste, this homegrown wheat beer is amongst the light beers as it has ABV of 4.5%. Apt for rainy season as well as others too, it is a must have in your home bar. The refreshing beer has a hint of coriander, lemon grass, and orange peels. Most importantly this natural beer doesn’t contain any artificial flavour or aroma.
  6. The White Owl SparkBrewed at Som Distillaries, MP, this beer has a hazy golden color. This strong beer has a high ABV of 7.9% making it one of the strongest wheat-based beers. The moderate citrus flavour is enhanced by the citrus aroma which is mainly orangish. Also, this beer is made using neutralised water, thus The White Owl Spark beer can be produced anywhere, and will still taste the same.


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