6 Frequently Asked Questions On Google And Their Answers


Google Search is a fully-automated search engine.

Google Search is a fully-automated search engine.

Google Search is our go-to platform whenever we are looking to gain knowledge on any topic.

Google Search has become a part of our daily lives. In today’s era, we look for anything and everything on this search engine platform. Today, let us take a look at the most searched questions on Google and their answers as well.

Question 1: Is eating peanuts daily good for health?

Peanuts contain nutrients like magnesium, folate, and copper. It is good to incorporate peanuts into your daily diet. In recent times, there has been a rumour that eating peanuts increases bad cholesterol in our body. There is no proper evidence to support the claim. Eating peanuts regularly is good as it is rich in nutrients.

Question 2: What is the weight of the human eye?

According to reports, the weight of a human eye is 7.5 grams and its volume is around 6.5 cm3. Normally, an eye can see clearly up to a minimum distance of 25 cm. Objects closer than the distance appear blurry. To keep your eye healthy, it is advisable to view any object from a distance of at least one foot.

Question 3: Which river is referred to as Teesta in Sikkim?

The Brahmaputra River is known as the Teesta River in Sikkim. The river flows through Sikkim, West Bengal and various parts of Bangladesh. It is the major river in the Jalpaiguri division of Sikkim and West Bengal and is said to be the lifeline of Sikkim and North Bengal. After passing by the Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim, the Teesta River enters Bangladesh and later joins the Brahmaputra River.

Question 4: Where are mangoes most commonly grown?

Mangoes are cultivated in various parts of India. Mangoes grown in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu are particularly famous. Uttar Pradesh is the highest producer of mangoes in India. Mangoes are also widely produced in various parts of West Bengal.

Question 5: Which vegetable contains the highest amount of iron?

Methi (fenugreek) is rich in iron and is very good for health. Rajma beans also contain a high amount of iron. Adding to the list, beetroot is also rich in iron and is beneficial for our body. Diabetic patients are advised to avoid consuming certain vegetables as they contain a high amount of sugar.

Question 6: Which vegetable contains the highest amount of vitamins?

Green vegetables like spinach are rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and iron. They are easily available in every part of the country. It is advised to consume green vegetables daily to stay fit and healthy.


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