5 Beauty Hacks That Help Celebs Age Like Fine Wine


Skin health depends on the foods and drinks we consume.

Skin health depends on the foods and drinks we consume.

Many Indian celebrities opt for modern skin care methods to prevent signs of ageing.

There is no doubt in saying that many Indian celebrities are ageing like fine wine. From a blend of ancient Ayurvedic rituals to modern treatments, celebs embrace different ways to get clear, glassy skin. Their glowing complexion, timeless charm, and vibrant well-being make these stars emerge as symbols of youth and an inspiration for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this article, let’s explore some techniques which are said to be the beauty secrets of Indian celebrities to look younger.

  1. Ayurveda: Ayurveda or the science of life has contributed to the beauty regimens of many celebrities in India. From applying turmeric and curd face masks to using ghee as moisturiser, celebs leave no stone unturned to keep their skin glowing.

  2. Embracing technology: Even though celebrities include home remedies in their daily regimen, many Indian celebrities also apply the modern skin care methods to prevent signs of ageing. Celebrities also use laser treatments in diverse situations to deal with skin problems, including fine lines, pigmentation, and skin laxity.

  3. Botox and fillers: Non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as Botox and fillers are very popular among celebrities in India. These treatments aim to improve the furrows that cause wrinkles and make the face fuller, hence giving them a youthful and fresh look.

  4. Diet and Hydration: Skin health heavily depends on the foods and drinks we consume. It is strongly recommended by various experts that an individual take balanced and healthy meals accompanied by plenty of water daily to maintain youthful skin and a healthy body. Following the same, celebrities are very specific with their diet to provide their bodies with the necessary nutrition. In addition to that, drinking water adequately goes a long way in the ageing process. This is more of a natural remedy to keep the skin well wrapped and allow it to retain elasticity in its appearance. Indian celebrities follow a strict and balanced diet, such as drinking several cups of herbal tea and six glasses of water to cleanse the skin and keep it fresh.

  5. Nutrient-rich diet: As per celebrity cosmetologist Dr Monica Kapoor, nutrients are essential for maintaining healthy skin, just like the body. This means that a diet containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals is important. Many Indian celebrities regularly include foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, oranges, nuts and seeds, and spinach in their diet. In addition to this, they add omega-3 foods like flaxseed and fish for skin health.


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