Woman says sister sent her an invoice after babysitting her daughter


A woman said her sister sent her an invoice after she babysat her daughter.

In a TikTok video, a mother named Jessica shared how she dropped off her daughter Victoria with her sister for the afternoon, expecting everything to go swimmingly.

However, after having to work the weekend, Jessica asked her sister – a mother of three – if she could take care of her daughter for longer. To her shock, she received an invoice from her sister for everything and anything her daughter did.

“Here is a breakdown of everything Victoria used in my home,” the sister’s text message read. “Times are getting hard and I think it is only fair we charge for stuff that she used while being here.”

Jessica’s sister texted a list breaking down each charge, with some of the charges on the list being as normal as a $19 meal charge from Olive Garden to as bizarre as charging 50 cents per toilet flush.

She charged $3 for three cups of apple juice, $1.25 for “paint used when drawing”, and $3 for eating three bags of chips. Victoria also wanted to go to the park that weekend, so the sister charged Jessica $3.75 for the gas to get there. She also asked for $4.50 to watch Netflix, $10 for using WiFi on the iPad, and $7 for “using electricity to play video games.”

Jessica was shocked by the $72 invoice sent by her sister, who demanded Jessica pay “by APRIL 30th, 2024 to avoid interest.” Jessica replied, “You have issues! How do I decline this BS?”

Jessica took to TikTok to air out her grievances, pointing out how “ridiculous” a lot of her sister’s charges were.

“How ridiculous is this girl?” she asked viewers. “Like, she flushed the toilet five times, $10 for Wi-Fi, $4.50 for Netflix, a bag of chips, like really? Really? How ridiculous is she? You know?”

Jessica’s sister, however, felt the charges were justified.

“If she were to have taken my niece to a daycare they would have charged her at least like $150 just to watch her,” her sister clarified in a video response. “I have enough on my plate, you know I have a lot of people that live here, so her coming over here was an extra mouth to feed.”

She went on to call Victoria “an extra person who was breathing in my home. Taking away from my children.”

A mother named Jessica shows the invoice her sister sent her for babysitting her daughter Victoria ( TikTok/@305_lil1 )
A mother named Jessica shows the invoice her sister sent her for babysitting her daughter Victoria ( TikTok/@305_lil1 ) (TikTok)

“It definitely caused so much freaking stress you don’t even know,” she added. “I was mentally exhausted, it was so stressful having so many children here. I just couldn’t deal with it.”

The conflict between the two sisters divided viewers, with some shocked that the sister would charge her own family.

“This is wild!” one person wrote. “Girl, time for a new sister.”

“I’m on your side!! Who charges for a favor?” another asked. Meanwhile, someone else commented, “I watch my sister’s kids for free, and they eat all my food and leave a mess, but I love them like they’re my own so I never thought to ask for money.”

Some defended some of the sister’s decisions, namely charging for the Olive Garden meal.

“I get wetting the bed and Olive Garden the rest is absolutely insane,” one person noted.

“The only valid charges are the Olive Garden meal and peeing the bed,” another agreed.


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