Hypertension, A Silent Epidemic, Is Affecting 20 Crore Indians: ICMR


Excess salt in the diet is one of the causes of poor health in Indians.

Excess salt in the diet is one of the causes of poor health in Indians.

Regular exercise, good sleep, stress-free living and keeping diabetes under control are important to fight high blood pressure.

Do you believe there is a disease that is silently hurting millions of Indians? Yes, you heard it correctly. According to studies, many Indians suffer from excessive blood pressure, often known as hypertension. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently estimated that more than 20 crore individuals in India suffer from hypertension.

Only two crore people have blood pressure under control. Thus, hypertension has emerged as a growing, serious problem in India. ICMR has shared this data on his official Twitter handle. It reads, “India has 20 crore people with hypertension, but 19 crore are uncontrolled. #WorldHypertensionDay. Measure BP every six months, Eat a less salt diet, Walk at least 30 min daily and 8hrs sleep can make a difference.”

Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Director, CK Birla Hospital, Delhi, explains the reasons behind this.

Unhealthy Habits:

Poor diet, eating foods high in salt and fat, a lazy lifestyle, and a lack of sleep all combine to create hypertension in a person.

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome:

Both of these increase the risk of developing hypertension.


While one’s lifestyle plays a major role in developing hypertension, genetics also plays a role in some cases.

Ageing Population:

As the life expectancy of Indians has increased due to various medical facilities, naturally, the number of people suffering from hypertension will also increase. However, it is a matter of great concern that so many crores of people are suffering from hypertension. It can become a public health problem. There is no doubt that this will put serious pressure on the Indian healthcare infrastructure. High blood pressure is a major cause of many life-threatening diseases, like stroke, heart failure, and peripheral artery disease.

Salt, the Silent Killer:

According to the ICMR, excess salt in the diet is one of the main causes of poor health in Indians. Many studies have demonstrated a close relationship between high salt intake and high blood pressure. Traditional Indian food is mostly salty. Due to this, many people start having the problem of hypertension at a young age. Processed foods, refined oils, and our daily diet also play a significant role in this.

How to prevent hypertension:

Follow a low-salt diet.

Include foods rich in potassium in your diet.

Regular exercise, good sleep, stress-free living, and keeping diabetes under control are important weapons to fight high blood pressure.

Stop smoking.

Healthy eating habits should be highlighted in schools and workplaces.

Blood pressure should be checked regularly at a young age. Medical facilities should be increased, especially in rural areas.


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