Studies Show Best Breastfeeding Positions For Lactating Mothers


The football hold position is best for women who had a c-section.

The football hold position is best for women who had a c-section.

Most new mons use the cradle hold position in which they just have to carefully hold the baby in their arms and breastfeed.

Being a mother is one of the most surreal experiences for women. It is something they have never felt before. The experience comes with its ups and downs, but the baby’s health should always be the priority. For example, the infant’s only source of food is breast milk, so a new mother should ensure that her child is getting the right amount and quantity. So, as per studies, there are some best breastfeeding positions, that would provide the child with the required amount of milk.

The Cradle Hold

This is a simple way to feed the baby. You just have to carefully hold the baby in your arms and breastfeed. Most new moms can follow it, and it gives the best position to the mother and the child. Sit straight with back support, bring the baby close, place their head close to your fist and feed.

The Cross-Cradle Hold

Find a comfortable place to sit, with a back support. Carefully hold the baby’s neck with one hand, while on the other arm, place the baby’s head. The infant’s hand should be placed on your chest.

The Football Hold

On a bed, lie down on your back, and make sure you have a pillow under your head. Hold the baby from the back of their neck, their stomach to your side and their head on the breast. Support your breast with one hand and feed. This position is best for those who went through a c-section.

The Side-Lying Position

Lie on your side facing the baby, keeping your head on a pillow. Bring the baby close to your body, making sure their head is placed towards the breast. Now hold the child and feed. This is an ideal position for tired women.

The Reclined Position

As the name suggests, you can even feed the baby, when you are comfortably reclined on a mattress or a chair. Place the baby’s head right above the breast, as they are lying on your stomach and feed.


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