Rapid Weight Loss To Blurred Vision, A Look At Common Symptoms Of Diabetes


People should test their sugar levels from time to time.

People should test their sugar levels from time to time.

Machines are available nowadays, with which you can check your blood sugar level at home.

Diabetes is a highly serious condition that slowly deteriorates the body. If the blood sugar level is not controlled in diabetes, then all the organs of the body start getting damaged. Diabetes is one of those conditions that, once it happens, can cause problems for the rest of your life. One needs to be mindful of their eating and lifestyle choices to avoid this disease. One should get tested from time to time. Although many people are healthy, they do not pay attention to these things and gradually they become victims of diabetes. Former President of the Delhi Medical Association and Senior Physician, Dr Anil Bansal told News18 that people experience many common symptoms of diabetes, which are often ignored. Frequent urination, excessive hunger, excessive thirst, rapid weight loss, blurred vision, numbness of hands and feet, excessive fatigue, skin dryness, wounds taking longer to heal and frequent infections can be symptoms of diabetes. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should get your sugar tested.

Dr Bansal said that in today’s era, machines are available to check blood sugar, with which you can check the sugar level at home. People should check their sugar levels from time to time so that the risk of diabetes can be reduced. Fasting blood sugar levels should be less than 100 mg/dL. If the fasting sugar level is more than 100 and remains so for many days continuously, then after consulting a doctor, an HbA1c test should be done. In this test, your blood sugar average of 3 months will be known. If the sugar average in this is more than 6.5, then one is affected by diabetes.

According to experts, many times people’s blood sugar becomes higher than normal, but it is less than the diabetes range. This condition is called pre-diabetes. If a person’s sugar level in the HbA1c test is between 5.7 and 6.4, then it is considered pre-diabetes. This condition can be reversed and for this, you can consult a doctor. If this situation is not controlled, it can later cause diabetes. People need to avoid this. Crores of people in the country are suffering from pre-diabetes. If they get tested now and take the right steps, they can avoid diabetes.


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