Parents furious over disastrous Bluey event that left children in tears


A Las Vegas establishment’s “Bluey” event resulted in angered crowds, crying children, and furious parents.

On 11 May, Dirt Dog, a popular restaurant chain throughout Las Vegas and Los Angeles, hosted a child-friendly affair that promised a meet-and-greet with Bluey, the main character in an animated series for children. However, aspects of the event did not go according to plan.

Dirt Dog, located on South Rainbow Boulevard, took to Facebook, posting about their scheduled plan and the activities that would ensue on the themed day. “Celebrate Bluey with us! Marathon of all the Bluey episodes! Meeting with Bluey & Friends. Face painting. Games & special Bluey treats,” the Facebook page read. According to FOX5, the page garnered about 3,000 responses.

On the actual day, an unexpected amount of people showed up, crowding the inside of the restaurant and forming a line down the street. Unfortunately, the promised activities were less than pleasant.

Multiple complaints were made by parents and children about the costumes, the face painting, and the treats. At the restaurant, Bluey was played by a staff member, an employee was doing the face painting, and there weren’t nearly enough treats made to satisfy the mass of eager patrons.

One of the biggest disappointments was the male employee who dressed as the beloved puppy character. Speaking to FOX5, Sophia, a child who experienced the event, admitted she was “mad” seeing his version of Bluey.

“We could see his beard,” she noted.

On the Facebook page, one mother showed a side-by-side comparison of Dirt Dog’s Bluey and the Bluey she and her daughter met at a “Trunk r Treat event”. The Dirt Dog employee appeared to be dressed in a one-piece full-body pajama suit, while the “Trunk r Treat” Bluey was completely covered in a sculptured Bluey mascot-esque costume.

She wrote: “DO NOT GO! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! Pic on the left (someone else’s photo) is what kids are waiting for at Dirt Dog. That’s what we were expecting. There are far better costumes out there. Pic on right was taken at Trunk r Treat event we took our kids to in the Silverton parking lot, they had going on last October.”

“That’s what we were expecting. There are far better costumes out there. What a shame they got all those kids hopes up,” she continued.

Parents and kids sitting inside the restaurant for the Bluey celebration (FOX5 Las Vegas)

Stephanie Hernandez, another mom who attended the event, told FOX5: “The kids were distraught. Some kids were crying. Some kids were upset, crying in their parents’ shoulders.”

“How could you do that to little kids: advertise something so fun and eventful for kids ranging from toddlers to six, seven years old, and not actually follow through with it? It was a very upsetting moment to see so many kids, especially my daughter, just really upset,” Hernandez continued.

Management members from Dirt Dog spoke to FOX5, admitting employees volunteered to help out with the event. One staff member allegedly baked 125 cupcakes for the affair, but they quickly ran out given the number of attendees.

Taj Wilder, a marketing spokesperson for Dirt Dog, explained to FOX5 that they were only expecting “50 to 60 people” despite 3,000 people responding to the Facebook page.

“We expected like maybe 50 to 60 people – not in the sense of like the whole city coming out. Just now knowing who Bluey is, we would have planned ahead and would have had security,” Wilder said. According to her, past Facebook posts about upcoming events have attracted similar responses. However, the number of people who show up has been drastically lower.

On Instagram, Dirt Dog issued an apology. “We are truly sorry this event wasn’t to standard. We will work on improving all of events going forward so we can bring you the highest quality as you all deserve. We appreciate everyone taking the time to send us your feedback,” they wrote.

Mom and child next to the restaurant worker dressed as Bluey (FOX5 Las Vegas)

Still, angered parents took to the original Facebook page, adding emotional messages.

“You done and pissed off a bunch of moms. What a terrible event,” one parent commented, while another said: “Temu Bluey costume and decorations from Dollar Tree featured at Dirt Dog Las Vegas Rainbow! Thanks for ruining my three-year-olds day!”

“This was horrible and a waste of time. You pissed off a community of parents. I’ll never be back to your establishment. My daughter was super disappointed,” a third added.

A cupcake made by restaurant staffer for the event (FOX5 Las Vegas)

The Independent has contacted Dirt Dog for a comment.

Dirt Dog’s event controversy comes a few months after the upsetting Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow broke the internet for being disappointing and disorganised.


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