Mahira Khan reacts to audience member hurling object at her


Beloved Pakistani actor Mahira Khan was recently invited as a special guest to the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta. The event, which took place on May 15, was a cultural and educational hub that promoted thought-provoking dialogue between the star and her audience. However, in a shocking turn of events, an unknown object was hurled at her on stage from the audience.

Amidst a conversation about her career and ironically – professionalism, an object was thrown with the intention of hitting the Ho Mann Jahaan actor. Luckily, it only managed to graze her side. In a moment of shock, the actor abruptly paused the conversation, and calmly expressed her disappointment at the incident, especially in the lack of respect shown during such an event.

“I won’t do any dialogue because you threw something on me, it means there is no room for a dialogue,” Mahira said. The Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay actor then resumed the conversation, and also extended unwavering support for a film showcasing the rich culture of Quetta and Balochistan.

Reacting to the widely circulated video, fans expressed mixed reactions to the incident. Some expressed their concerns regarding the star’s safety, but most lauded the actor for maintaining her composure throughout the incident. An Instagram user commented, “She handled the entire situation with grace and confidence. The reason she is a superstar.”

Another wrote, “She is such a sensible and calm lady. Look how gracefully she handled it.”

The festival also featured a special segment titled, Know About Mahira, where she shared her personal preferences, including her love for traditional breakfast dishes like paratha, puri, and omelette, and her fondness for old songs.

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