Who won the Kendrick Lamar v Drake beef?


Not Like Us, released later that same day, is packed with accusations about Drake with lines such as “Certified Lover Boy, certified paedophiles” and “say, Drake, I hear you like ’em young, you better not ever go to cell block one” (the suggestion being that Drake would be the subject of physical abuse were he to go to prison).

It was an incendiary record, but the world was listening and as of 11 May, Not Like Us was the number one song on Spotify’s global chart, with over 57 million streams since its release. 

“Not Like Us is my favourite Kendrick diss track in this beef; just as brutal as it is a bop!” Patterson says.

Though The Heart Part 6 would form Drake’s next and – as of now – final rebuttal. The rappers appear done with the battle, ready to move on.

Naturally, fans of both have flocked to proclaim each as the winner. Many have praised the lyrics as giving the genre a shot in the arm.

Some have said Lamar has forced Drake to up his lyrical game, while others have commended the duo for providing an all-time moment in rap history.

“All in all, Kendrick won this battle,” Patterson declares. “Both dragged each other to hell with their lyrical jabs, but it’s undeniable who came out on top. Drake will remain the superstar rapper that he is – this definitely won’t stop his motion – but he’ll need to be secure enough to take all the jokes and banter for losing for the rest of his career. Rap music wins, yet again.”

Itseli agrees on the winner. “This will be remembered as one of the biggest rap beefs of the past few decades. It was about culture: Kendrick caring about and preserving the essence of hip-hop against someone he feels doesn’t represent it.

“For rap fans, it has confirmed a lot of what they thought about Drake – that he plays a role; he’s just a character that shifts to whichever music trends are popular at any time. Kendrick proved he cares about the art of rap music and can do it in his sleep. He’s so nuanced in the way he creates that he has earned the respect of many.”

Elsewhere, rap commentators such as DJ Akademiks and Gillie The Kid have sided with Drake, calling him the winner. “The rules of battle were changed for Kendrick,” DJ Akademiks told the Flagrant Podcast.

“Drake was called scared for taking two weeks to respond to Like That, but when Kendrick takes two weeks to respond to Drake, everyone says he needs time.

“The majority of this battle has been Kendrick Lamar saying, ‘I’m going to pick you apart as a man.’ But if what he’s said is complete lies, it takes away from what he’s saying.”

Whoever you think came out on top, one thing is certain. The beef has entertained the entire world, enhancing the legacies of two generational rap artists.


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