Karachi’s ‘feels like’ temperature reaches 45°C


Feels like temperature translates to actual sensation of heat or cold and is based on various environmental factors

People are enjoying at sea view during hot weather in Karachi on May 8, 2024. — Online

KARACHI: As hot and humid weather continues to grip various parts of Sindh, Karachiites have been left sweltering after the city’s “feels like” temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

The temperature in Karachi’s southern areas has been recorded at 36.8°C with the humidity level reaching 49%, as per a private weather station.

However, it is to be noted that the aforementioned “feels like” temperature is limited to Karachi’s southern areas — such as Clifton, DHA and others — as the phenomenon depends on various factors such as humidity levels which are higher in areas close to the coastline.

The city’s inner areas are experiencing lower “feels like” temperatures such as Malir’s Tariq Bin Ziad society where it stood at 41°C.

The feels like temperature translates to actual sensation of heat or cold outdoors and is based on various environmental factors such as air temperature and wind speed — all of which together influence the perception of weather among individuals according to their exposure.

It is the temperature which is sensed by the human body after its interaction with the temperature reflected from Earth’s surface.

The development coincides with the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s (PMD) forecast of hot and humid weather in the metropolis — which is to continue for the next three days as well.

The Met Office has predicted the city’s temperature to remain between 37 to 39°C today along with chances of hot winds from the northwest.

Furthermore, sea breezes are likely to be restored in the city in the evening. Meanwhile, various parts of Sindh including Tharparkar, Umarkot, Thatta and Badin are expected to witness rains

The Met Office has forecast temperatures of up to 47°C in central and upper parts of Sindh.


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