Easy Tips To Store Chickpeas And Black Gram To Prevent Pests


When you're filling the black gram jar, you should add cinnamon to it.

When you’re filling the black gram jar, you should add cinnamon to it.

During the seasonal changes, it is necessary to store pulses safely to prevent any type of insects.

In the kitchen, a lot of things are lying around that are easy targets for insects and mites. When any ingredient becomes infested by pests, it is always better to discard it. Pests typically attack easily for chickpeas, mung beans, pulses and other grains. Frequently, improper storage techniques lead to spoilage and pest infestation. You’ve probably seen that tiny flying insects begin to appear when we store black grams (urad dal) and chickpeas in closed containers for an extended period. It is necessary to keep the urad dal fresh to avoid any wastage. Chickpeas will stay fresh and pest-free if you follow the following tips.

Dry out the black grams- Insects frequently drop off in black grams rapidly because of the dampness. After bringing the chickpeas inside, wash them and let them dry in the sun for a few days. The chickpeas’ moisture will be evaporated. In addition, you can keep the black gram by toasting it slightly to prevent insect infestation.

Use red chillies- It is necessary to include a few pieces of dried red chilli inside the storage container when storing black grams for an extended period. Dry red chillies assist get rid of insects by acting as a pesticide on the ones that are present in the gram. Whole red chillies can be used to keep insects away from grains and pulses of any kind for an extended period. To do this, just place the dry chilli into the storage container. Insects avoid the grains due to their fragrance.

Use Bay leaves- Garnish the container with bay leaves to keep insects away from the chickpeas. In addition to keeping flies out of the black gram, bay leaf aroma also infuses the grain with flavour. This way, the perfume of the bay leaves intensifies the flavour of the chickpeas when you boil them to cook. In addition to eliminating bugs from the black gram, the aroma of bay leaves helps to retain moisture.

Store in a glass jar- If there are moths falling prey in your black grams try to fill your black grams and chole in any glass container. For this, you need an airtight glass jar. Place it inside a glass jar and make sure no moths are increasing from time to time.

Use Cinnamon- When you’re filling the black gram jar, you can also add cinnamon to it. Insects won’t be drawn to the scent of cinnamon. By adding cinnamon, you may keep the black gram for a very long time. This method of storing black grams will keep it fresh and save you from throwing it.


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