What Is Tummy Time And Why It Is Important For Newborns


Tummy time involves laying the baby on their stomach.

Tummy time involves laying the baby on their stomach.

Tummy time sessions can be started after 2 or 3 days of the birth of a child.

The birth of a baby at home is not just a joyous moment for the mother, but the entire family. Beyond everything else, a newborn’s care is important. As the child grows, their activity starts increasing. It is necessary to take care of them during these growing phases. Do you know what tummy time is? It means laying babies on their stomachs. After a few months of birth, the child lies on the stomach while moving his or her hands and feet. These activities are very important for their development and strengthening muscles. If the child is not resting on the stomach, then it is necessary to get it done after a short interval of time. Now the question arises: why is tummy time important? For how long should it be done? At what age can you start, and what are its benefits? Dr Kailash Soni, paediatrician of Government Medical College, talked to News18 about this and mentioned every detail about the tummy time.

She emphasised the importance of tummy time for newborns and highlighted its role in strengthening muscles and promoting overall development.

What is tummy time?

According to her, tummy time involves laying the baby on their stomach while awake and under supervision. By doing this, the overall development of children occurs, and their brains develop properly. At the same time, if the child tries to do this position himself, then his body movement is also done properly.

What are the benefits of tummy time?

Dr Soni explained that tummy time helps in the proper development of the baby’s brain and body movement. It strengthens the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and arms; the child’s body becomes more active for sitting and crawling; and it also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome.

How long should children lie on their stomachs?

Parents are advised to start tummy time sessions a few days after childbirth, beginning with 3 to 5 minutes and gradually increasing to 15 to 30 minutes per day by the age of 2 months. It is important to avoid tummy time after feeding to prevent discomfort.

Dr Soni encouraged families to incorporate tummy time into their daily routine for the healthy growth of their children.


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