My child comes second, wife is number one for me: Yasir Hussain


Yasir Hussain is a proud husband. Whilst in conversation with Iffat Omar, the actor was asked about whether or not Iqra Aziz’s immense fame bothers him in any way. Yasir candidly tackled the question, highlighting why he isn’t bothered by his wife’s success and is, in fact, overjoyed by all that she has achieved.

“There are two things,” began Yasir. “Firstly, I have a theatre background. From the age of 16, I’ve been affiliated with theatre. I left it for a while but have returned to it now. When you’re involved with theatre, you have a very intimate understanding of art. People sit right in front of you and appreciate you or don’t appreciate you. No one even recognises you after the show.”

He continued, “Things like ego, love for fame – they don’t get instilled in you. You have no need for them. All you need at that point are claps for your work, not for yourself. You become quite selfless after doing theatre, as per what I have learned. When you’re that selfless, you don’t care about who is more famous than you are. The people whom I want as my fans Alhamdulillah, I have them.” 

Iffat interjected, painting a scenario where, at functions, his wife is swarmed by fans and admirers for selfies while he may be waiting at the side. Yasir responded, “You said ‘your wife.’ That ‘your’ is me. That’s a big thing for me.” When asked if he takes pride in Iqra’s achievements, Yasir immediately said, “Obviously, why not?” He added, “If you look at it, who is closer to me in my life than Iqra? No one. No one can be. Even my child comes second. My wife is number one for me.”

The star also shed light on him giving his Islamabad apartment to Iqra, putting her name on the documents. When he told a friend about the same, his friend worriedly asked him about what would happen, should Iqra leave him. Yasir responded by saying that if he no longer had a wife, what good was the apartment, asserting that losing his wife would be a far greater tragedy. 

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