Sonya Hussyn’s accidental acting career


In a recent appearance on Shan e Suhoor, actor Sonya Hussyn divulged details about her steadfast bond with her family and the most embarrassing moment of her career to date. Clad in a stunning pink sequined sari at the Hum Awards in Canada in 2022, Sonya recalled how her blouse snapped midway through the show. 

“Oh my God,” said the Saraab star, covering her face with her hands and blushing at the memory. “I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know what would happen if I stood up! And then someone came and told me I had to go and sing in front of everyone!”

Thinking on her feet, Sonya remembered how she quickly draped her sari around herself as best as she could and made her way to the stage, her mind an empty canvas. “I couldn’t think of a single song,” she recalled. “The only thing going through my mind was ‘Bismillah’.”

With a horde of cameras trained on her and the faces of the crowd alight in expectation, the mortified Sonya blurted out the first song she could think of – Dil Dil Pakistan – and egged the crowd on to join in. Thinking on her feet, she spotted singer Atif Aslm in the front row and dragged him onto the stage before thunderous applause. Sonya’s plan worked: within seconds, the attention had melted away from her and was aimed solely at Atif’s belting vocals. 

Standing before a crowd at a television award ceremony was not something Sonya had imagined she would ever be doing as a child. With no one in the family having an acting background, Sonya had always aspired to follow a more traditional career path. Initially studying physiology, Sonya revealed that she had earlier hoped to become a physiologist. Failing that, owing to her love of travel, she had dreamed of becoming a commercial pilot. Her father, meanwhile, had said he wanted her to become either a TV news anchor or a politician. However, Sonya’s life changed when one day she was dragged along by her friends to an audition. 

“I was doing my Matric at the time, and I ended up going with my friends,” she said. “I didn’t get the audition, but a week later, I got a call saying the director had liked my face and wanted to cast me in something!”

From there, Sonya picked up a supporting role in Dareecha in 2011, sparking the beginning of her career in television. Sharing the sofa with sisters Sana and Saima, Sonya, spoke warmly of the steadfast bond she has with her family. “There is no jealousy between us,” she said. “We know we can tell each other everything, and we do.” 

Together, the sisters spoke of how they share tips on everything ranging from fashion to fitness. With Sana hoping to embark on her own acting career, Sonya revealed how she is always on hand to guide her and go through her scripts. 

“Sonya has been around the field for a while now, so she knows what she is doing,” said Sana gratefully. 

In addition to acting, Sonya hopes to one day become a director, although she said that upcoming actors lack passion. “I would focus on theatre actors if I became a director, because they are really committed to their craft,” she said. 

Directing is not the only mantle Sonya wants to take on. Despite the near miss of her public wardrobe malfunction in Canada, the actor’s love for saris remains diminished. “I want to run a sari business one day,” she said. “I feel we have limited designs, and would love to make my own.”

One thing is clear. Knowing she can count on the everlasting support of her sisters, Sonya may well one day charm the nation with her own range of clothing.

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