Shoaib Malik celebrates Sana Javed’s birthday


Actor Sana Javed, aka Sana Shoaib Malik, delighted her followers with eight glammed-up birthday celebration pictures on Instagram after her husband cricketer Shoaib Malik wished her publicly on his own Instagram handle earlier this week. 

Radiating beauty in an elegant sleeveless deep crimson long shirt and pants with matching nails, a clutch and a delicate dupatta threaded through her elbows, the actor posed for her birthday in what appears to be a restaurant, with husband Malik commenting, “Wow stunning” with a smattering of affectionate emojis. 

With many of the comments complimenting Javed and wishing her a happy birthday, as is now usual with the couple, a selection of commenters took to calling out the actor on her marriage to Malik.  

Although Malik and Javed have been no strangers to media attention due to their careers as a cricketer and actor, respectively, the couple have been in the public eye more than ever since the shock announcement of their wedding spread like wildfire across social media in January this year. The couple had previously revealed no prior hint that their former marriages to Sania Mirza and Umair Jaswal, respectively, were over. Since then, both Malik and Javed have faced backlash from their followers, many of whom have continued to show allegiance to the couple’s former spouses. However, actor Ahsan Khan, who paired up with Javed for the television drama Sukoon in 2023, spoke of his happiness that his co-star has found joy in her personal life in an appearance on Life Green Hai

“Honestly speaking, I was very happy she got married,” said the actor. Remaining tight-lipped about when and how Malik and Javed began their relationship, Khan continued, “We didn’t share too many personal things, and I wouldn’t share something about her if she had told it to me in confidence. I think that if it is your destiny to meet someone, then you will meet.”

Referring to Javed’s previous marriage to actor Jaswal, Khan implored viewers to be more respectful of people’s personal choices and to be more tolerant of an unhappy couple parting ways to find peace. “When she was not happy in the previous marriage, then I think getting a divorce should be normal,” he stated. “It is their personal choice. I think it is a wonderful thing that they (Malik and Javed) are settled. What’s better than this?”

Ahsan’s plea for tolerance remains a lone voice of support for the couple as social media continues to slate Malik and Javed with every Instagram post they share. 

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