Fans crack up as scholar deems marriages in dramas valid


A recent statement made by a religious scholar on a television show regarding the portrayal of nikkah (marriage) in dramas has sparked a heated debate on social media platforms. According to the scholar, if two actors enact a scene of nikkah in a drama, their marriage would be deemed valid in reality.

The assertion made by the religious scholar has stirred widespread controversy, with individuals from the entertainment industry and social media influencers weighing in on the matter. Notably, model and actor Nadia Hussain took to her Instagram to express her concerns regarding the declaration.

In a lengthy video shared on her Instagram account, Nadia was visibly shocked by the scholar’s viewpoint. She highlighted that the portrayal of nikkah in dramas is purely fictional. She further pointed out the use of fake names, witnesses, and signatures in these fictional scenarios, asserting that the entire setting is not conducive to a legitimate marriage ceremony. Nadia further argued that such statements from religious scholars on television could potentially set a dangerous precedent by incorrectly legitimising invalid marriages.

Joining the discussion, comedian Ali Gul Pir shared the widely circulated discussion video on his Instagram Story, injecting humour into the debate by humorously suggesting that uttering the phrase “Say pencil, your marriage cancel” would lead to divorce. Similarly, actor Ushna Shah also took a lighthearted approach to the controversy, jokingly remarking on owing her husband an explanation in light of the scholar’s assertion. “Time for an awkward conversation with my husband,” she stated.

The internet in general has not taken too kindly to the remarks by the scholar either. Taking to X, one user shed light on how, as per one school of thought, “if two actors do a scene of nikkah in drama or films – their marriage will commence in reality.” Thus, the user jokingly congratulated Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan on being married in life and went on to ask how the world could take the community seriously when such assertions are made. Another X user shared images of Mahira and Fawad, and Mahira and Shah Rukh Khan, saying, “Mahira’s husbands are hot.”

One X user shared an image of the ever-single Salman Khan and asked, “Guess who’s not single anymore?” Another said, “No (intention) and fake names, but a real nikkah? These TV maulvis need to stop making a mockery of religion.” On a more serious note, one user of the site formerly known as Twitter noted, “I think the problem is not only that these religious clerics can say absurd things but the fact they have access to platforms that can reach millions. Especially during Ramazan.”

One X user, perturbed by unfounded claims, said on the microblogging site, “I am legit concerned about the mental health of people who actually take time out to watch these people on TV and follow them.” Another shared how Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, a fan-favourite couple, are married in real life as per the discussion, much to the joy of their fans.

The controversial debate surrounding the validity of nikkah in dramas has ignited a broader conversation about the influence of religious interpretations in the entertainment industry and the potential ramifications of such declarations on societal norms and perceptions. As the discussion continues to unfold on social media platforms, individuals from various walks of life are expressing their opinions and engaging in dialogue regarding the intersection of religious beliefs and fictional portrayals in the world of entertainment.

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