Maryam Nafees revealed friendship, explains reason behind assault on salesman



Pakistani drama actress Mariyam Nafees and singer Hasan Raheem have spoken out about the recent assault on a young salesman in Lahore, revealing that the two girls involved are known to them, with one being a close friend of Nafees.

Nafees stated, “After seeing the CCTV footage, everyone is wondering why these girls assaulted the salesman. I want to clarify that I know both of these girls very well, and one of them is a very good friend of mine.”

Raheem added that the girls are not daughters of a lawyer, as initially speculated, a fact confirmed by multiple sources.

Raheem explained that the conflict arose when the salesman allegedly made inappropriate remarks, referring to the women as “prostitutes on night duty.”

When confronted, the salesman retaliated with further abuse, prompting the altercation. “While the women should not have resorted to physical violence and should have contacted the police, they are now receiving death threats from strangers,” Raheem said. He urged the public to consider the context before reacting to the video.

Nafees corroborated Raheem’s account, asserting that the salesman made derogatory remarks about the women and their bodies. She claimed that both girls have since received rape and murder threats, prompting her to speak out.

“We live in a society where evidence of harassment against women is demanded, and it’s often women who ask for this proof,” Nafees stated.

She has requested the store owner to release the voice recording from the CCTV footage to reveal the truth behind the incident.

The incident, captured on CCTV and widely circulated on social media, showed the girls holding coffee mugs at the shop’s cash counter. They appear to become angry with the young cashier, subsequently entering the counter area to assault him.

The police are currently investigating the incident to ascertain the facts and determine appropriate actions.



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