The Independent launches new wine club in partnership with Perfect Cellar


The Independent, in collaboration with Perfect Cellar, has launched an exciting new venture: The Independent Wine Club.

This initiative merges The Independent’s journalistic integrity with Perfect Cellar’s expertise and passion for fine wines, offering members a unique and enriching wine experience. Perfect Cellar, awarded Best Small Wine Retailer by Decanter, is dedicated to making fine wine accessible to all.

(Perfect Cellar)

Launched in 2020 by French wine enthusiast Moez Seraly, it has rapidly become a leading direct-to-home wine retailer. Perfect Cellar stands out with its Virtual Wine Cellar, allowing customers to build and manage their collections online, tailored wine tastings via Amazon’s Alexa and TastingBox, delivering three curated wines for £20. With over 400 premium, Michelin-listed and award-winning wines, Perfect Cellar’s blend of technology and expertise ensures exceptional quality and convenience for wine lovers everywhere.

Membership in The Independent Wine Club offers a bouquet of attractive benefits designed to enrich the wine experience.

For the first three months, the membership subscription is available at a special rate of just £1 per month, after which it will be £10 monthly. This gives new members an affordable opportunity to explore the club’s offerings without a hefty commitment.

Get a free Independent Premium Subscription for 6 months
Get a free Independent Premium Subscription for 6 months (The Independent Wine Club)

One standout perk is a £40 discount on the Perfect Cellar Starter Package, reducing the price from £139 to £99. This package serves as an excellent introduction to Perfect Cellar’s carefully curated selection. Additionally, members receive a complimentary six-month subscription to Independent Premium, giving you access to subscriber-only news analysis and opinion, ad-free reading, The Independent app featuring the Daily Edition newspaper, puzzles and more.

Members also enjoy 5% cashback on all orders, making it easier to justify that extra bottle. Every three months, members receive a free TastingBOX, providing a regular opportunity to sample different wines and discover new favourites – not to mention that, as a member, you will have exclusive access to rare wines and savour bottles not available to the general public. Furthermore, the club organises free events every three months, allowing members to engage with fellow wine enthusiasts and learn from experts.

(Perfect Cellar)

Free shipping on orders over £49 is the cherry on top, making it convenient and cost-effective to stock up on your favourites.

Beyond these benefits, members also receive £10 back in Cellar Coins each month, which can be used as store credit. This makes the membership virtually free. The club’s TastingBOX feature is particularly noteworthy, delivering four curated tasting boxes each year. Each TastingBOX contains three servings of premium wines and includes an interactive tasting experience with Master Sommelier Christopher Delalonde via Amazon’s Alexa.

(Perfect Cellar)

Members also gain access to the Cellar Master Collection, featuring rare and exciting wines from some of the best regions in the world. These wines are often produced by winemakers neighbouring prestigious properties but are available at a fraction of the cost, allowing members to explore exceptional wines without breaking the bank.

The Independent Wine Club is not just another subscription service; it’s an invitation to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of wine. With a commitment to quality, education and accessibility, Perfect Cellar is the perfect partner for this venture.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your appreciation of wine or simply enjoy high-quality bottles at great prices, The Independent Wine Club is a must-join for any wine lover.


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